One Day Specialized Training Workshop on

Halal Tourism

10 May, 2023

One Day Specialized Training Workshop on

Halal Tourism

10 May, 2023

Event Summary

About Halal Research Council

Halal Research Council is an organization working globally since 2009 to cater the needs of food and nonfood industries by facilitating them through Halal Certification, Research & Development, Capacity Building programs, and have expertise to provide advisory or consultancy services to the sectors for the development of Halal Tourism.

Halal Research Council certifies the products under the reverent coordination of recognized Sharia Supervisory Board, Highly qualified Food Technologists, Chemical Engineers and R&D professionals in respect of eligibility for Certification through research based methodology scrutinizing the sources of ingredients, examining the entire supply chain, chemical examination and analyzing Sharia prospects of ingredients used in the products.

What is Halal Tourism?

Halal Tourism is a subcategory of religious tourism which is geared towards Muslim families who abide by Shariah rules. Muslim traveler’s requirements for travel are different to those of non Muslim travelers. They require alcohol free environments as well as Halal food in the countries in which they travel. The resorts/ hotels in Halal Tourism do not serve alcoholic beverages, pork; have separate swimming pools and spa facilities for men and women conforming to the Shariah permitted environment for Muslim Tourists. In Halal tourism chicken, meat and beef comes from a Halal source, way and processing by Halal slaughtered animal. It is forecasted revenue of 255 USD Billion in 2022 & is likely to reach 365 USD Billion by the end of 2032.

Halal Tourism especially during travelling brings conveniences for both men and women. Some components of Halal Tourism are the beauty such as prayer calls for all, separate prayer rooms, availability of Qur'an, caretaker desks and websites having Muslim-related information such as prayer times, mosque with locations and Halal Food center/s, translation services and other assistance that may be needed by the tourists from Muslim countries, especially those who are unable to communicate in English and generally, a Muslim-friendly environment. In modern era, greater mobility and increased migration of the Muslim communities the travelling has become a part and parcel of everyday life, thus tourism has been an important source of revenue for many countries. Halal tourism is a product which, adding value, purifies the tourism industry. It has been the need of time for corrective measures and initiatives to for Halal Tourism. With the growth of Halal Tourism, Food and non-food industry will find new markets to undertake research, adopt technologies for Halal food processing, preservation and packaging, Halal food safety and refined sanitation practices.

Training Methodology:

The segregation of methods to be used in trainings is following:

• 70% of total time for lectures/multimedia presentation/slides presentation
• 20% of total time for class discussion and experience sharing (question & Answer Session).
• 10% of total time for individual and group work presentation.

Training material will be provided as per the content design by the experts. A detailed facilitation plan for each session of training course will be developed including power point slides and printed copies of the material.

Training Contents

One Day Specialized Training Workshop on Halal Tourism

Introduction to Halal Industry

  • Halal Industry In Modern era
  • The globe market potential of Halal Industry
  • Understanding the facts and figure of the global Halal market
  • Demand of Halal Tourism in Muslim societies
  • Halal Tourism programs in the world

Halal Tourism:

  • Introduction to Halal Tourism
  • Global view of Halal Tourism Industry
  • Halal Tourism Standard
  • Significance and need of Halal Tourism
  • Global Trends and Practices
  • Top rated Halal Tourism regions
  • Current best places and future potential regions of Halal Tourism
  • Identifying the issues of Halal Tourism
  • Solution to the problems of Halal Tourism around the globe
  • Real time case study “Halal Tourism for economic growth and development”

Halal Tourism Marketing:

  • How to market the Halal Tourism
  • Techniques and initiatives to be taken for Halal Tourism.

Role of Stakeholders:

  • Role of Airline companies
  • Role of resorts (location, environment and facilities etc).
  • Role of restaurants (foods, beverages, facilities and lacking areas) with necessary corrective measures thereto.
  • Role of Travelling agencies
  • Muslim minorities associations for Halal Tourism development

How to address the Halal Tourism:

  • Identifying the issues of Halal Tourism
  • Solution to the problems of Halal Tourism around the globe
  • How to address the issues of Halal Tourism
  • Alliance of Public and Private sector for Halal Tourism promotion

Investment in Halal Tourism:

  • Investment in Halal Tourism
  • Missing but potential areas of Halal Tourism for investment
  • Benefits to the investors
  • Return from Halal Tourism

Halal Logistic

  • Nature, need, availability and benefits

Financial sector

  • Need of investment/ finance
  • Islamic Banking industry and Halal Tourism
  • Source of investment for Islamic Financial sector
  • Optimal return to the Islamic Financial Institutions

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