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Let's us Explore endless opportunities in Halal Industry

After the successful completion of 7th International Conference on Halal Industry in Pakistan last year wherein more than 400 Halal Research Scholars, Food Technologists, Shariah Experts and Industry players participated from 16 different countries. In continuation, Halal Research Council proudly announces the 8th International Conference & Expo on Halal Industry in Lahore, Pakistan February 18, 2020.

Previous Event SPEAKERS

Our 7th International Halal Conference & Exhibition 2019 Speakers

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Mr. Zubair Mughal

Chief Executive Officer
AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics Pakistan
speaker image

Mr. Pervez Nasim

Chairman & CEO, Ansar Financial & Development Corporation, Canada.
speaker image

Mr. Aijaz Ali Khuwaja

Development Consultant/CSR Lead - Founder/General Secretary - Sindh Social Scientists Forum (SSSF) - Karachi – Pakistan
speaker image

Mr. Abdul Samad

Shairah Advisor, Bank of Khyber, Pakistan
speaker image

Mr. Fahad Liaquat

Chief Executive Officer Azm Foundation Pakistan
speaker image

Dr. Amjad Saqib

Founder Akhuwat Pakistan

Event Agenda

Let's us Explore endless opportunities in Halal Industry

Technical Session I: International Experiences on Halal Industry
The Global Market Potential for Halal
Understanding the facts and figures of Global Halal Market
Halal Food demand in Muslim societies
Halal certification of Non- food items cosmetics, pharmaceuticals etc
Technical Session II: Halal Food Industry – Pakistan Perspective
Development National Halal Food Brands
Halal Entrepreneurial success stories in Pakistan
How can Pakistan exporter’s tap Multi Billion Halal Market
Investment opportunities in Halal Market
Halal chain management, packaging storage, logistic and marketing solution in Pakistan
Panel Discussion: Challenges, Opportunities, Issues & Development in Halal Industry
Technical Session III: Halal Industry Research, Certification & Standardization
Meeting Halal Market Needs
Research & Development in Halal Industry Sector
Importance of Halal Certification
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Introduction to Halal Industry:
Basics of Halal Concepts
Halal Industry In Modern era
The globe market potential for Halal
Understanding the facts and figure of the global Halal market
Halal food demands in Muslim societies
Halal certification program in the world
Halal certification for the nonfoods i-e cosmetics, pharmaceutical’s etc.
Halal food Management:
Shariah issues in Halal Food
Halal and tayyab in Islam
Halal Meat production and export
Status of food in the holy scriptures
Introduction To Halal Standard PS.3733
Implementation of PS.3733 Standard
Research need in Halal food and non halal food products
Benefits of Halal certification and its value to the food industries
Halal export potential for the Pakistan
Need for halal awareness education
Hidden ingredients in Halal foods
Halal production requirement for nutritional supplement
Labeling, packaging, and coating for Halal foods
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General guide line for Halal food production:
Meat, Meat Slaughtering and poultry
Fish and sea food
Milk and egg
Plant and vegetable material
Food ingredients
Food Ingredients in Halal Food Production:
Amino acid
Liquor and wine extract
Encapsulation material
Spices and seasoning blends
Marketing strategies For Halal Food Management:
How to market a Halal product
How to cater the target market of Halal Industry
How to address the challenges of Halal Industry
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Travel Information

Let's us Explore endless opportunities in Halal Industry

Event Venue

Pearl Continental Hotel Lahore, Pakistan. Mall Rd, G.O.R. - I, Lahore, PunjabRead More

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Lahore is the capital of the Pakistani province of Punjab. Lahore is the country's second-most populous city and is one of Pakistan's wealthiest cities, with an estimated GDP of $58.14 billion (PPP) as of 2015. Read More

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