8th International Halal Conference and Exhibition 2022 - Exhibit Profile

Key Objective of Conference

  • To enhance the awareness and importance of Halal industry
  • To highlight the international standards and procedures of Halal Certification
  • To enrich the concept of Halal slaughtering and bringing products of Livestock to light
  • To provide a platform for discovering successful national & international best practices
  • To introduce Islamic Banking & Takaful in facilitation for the Halal industry.
  • To enrich the understanding of the complexities of structuring Halal food (ingredients, flavors, modeling etc)
  • To explore cross-border trade opportunities in Halal Sector.
  • To introduce International best practices in Halal to the local market
  • To explore the prospects of penetration into worldwide Halal market.
  • To create popularity of Halal food certification among different sectors of the society

Promotional and Marketing Opportunities

  • Local and Multi-National Companies
  • Manufacturers and Producers (Food & Non-Food)
  • Packaging Machinery and Catering Equipment
  • Halal Logistics
  • Non-Food Products, Cosmetics /Perfumes/Toiletries
  • Halal Education & Training
  • Research Centers
  • Halal Certification Bodies
  • Food Research & Development Technologies
  • Catering (Hotels & Restaurants)

Who Should Attend?

  • Chairmen, Directors & Government Officers
  • Research & Strategic Project Managers
  • Business Development Managers & Training Managers
  • Chemists, Food Technologists & Chemical Engineers
  • Shariah Advisers and Audit Professionals
  • Industrial Manufacturing Specialists
  • Managing Directors/ Regulators
  • Quality Control Managers & Production Manager
  • Import & Export Manager
  • Entrepreneurs and Lecturers
  • Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical & tourism
  • Financial Indistry

8th International Halal Conference and Exhibition 2022 Sponsorship Package