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Our Brands
Al Huda Center of Islamic Banking & Economics
Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (www.alhudacibe.com)
AlHuda Centre of Islamic Banking and Economics (CIBE):
AlHuda-CIBE provides a comprehensive package of Islamic banking and finance facilities and products under one platform. "AlHuda CIBE" is a pioneering effort to promote Islamic Banking and Finance in masses through Advisory, Education, Training, Awareness, Consultancy, Product Development, International conferences to support, sustain, spread and supplement SBP and Govt. Initiatives.
True Banking
True Banking is a Bi-Monthly magazine on banking and finance Industry with specific focus on research, development, market analysis, awareness and advancement. The prime aim of True Banking is to create harmony, attentiveness and innovation in this sector. It is another addition to AlHuda-CIBE achievements in the direction towards promotion and development of banking sector in Pakistan as well as abroad.
Islamic Microfinance Network
IMFN is a Non Profit organization, formed in 2009 by a group of Islamic Microfinance Institutions, dedicated for the development and promotion of the Islamic Microfinance Industry through Innovation, Shariah Compliance Product Development, Institutional Capacity Building, and Donors' Linkages and up sealing of Islamic Microfinance Institutions. The Network focuses on Public and Institutional Awareness of the Islamic Financial Systems.
Sukuk Research Portal
Sukuk Research Portal is a unique platform to get all sorts of information on Sukuk. It provides the latest news, updates and articles on Sukuk. It provides the latest news, updates and articles on Sukuk operation in Pakistan and abroad.
Islamic Banking and Finance News (Online Magazine)
Islamic Banking and Finance News (Online Magazine) is a unique Monthly online magazine for The better awareness of Islamic Banking and Finance Worldwide. AlHuda IBF News work as communication partner with different International Islamic Financial Institutions including IIFM-Bahrain, Business lifestyle-London, Globalpro - Malaysia, Michel Gessner Consultancy - UK, IIR Me - UAE, Nessus - London, Avail Corporation Singapore, Marcus Event Malaysia, Terrapinn Worldwide, SECP Pakistan, other renowned International organizations and financial institutions to promote Islamic Banking & Finance all over the world.
Islamic Microfinance Help Desk
Islamic Microfinance Help desk is serving to coordinate the Poverty alleviation Factors through Islamic Financial methodology for the broader prospects of social well being. It is working to establish Islamic Microfinance Institution/Banks. It provides Islamic Financial Product Development, Shariah Advisory, Shariah Audit & Review, Shariah vetting of Products and process flows of Islamic Financial Products for microfinance sector.
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