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Executive Diploma on Halal Industry
Considering the nature of complexities developed in the food/Non Food manufacturing and packing techniques, the question of Halal and Haram has become even more serious and demanding than ever before. The Executive Diploma on Halal Industry is a specially designed for Muslims/Non Muslims who have a genuine interest in learning about Halal products and procedures. Distance Learning Program in Halal Industry has been developed by experts on Halal industry, Shariah Scholars and Technical professionals from various Universities, Research Institutes, Government agencies and professionals Institutions. The diploma is well structured and focused on the needs of the Halal Industry, so that leading professionals are produced for the Halal Industry.

We are pleased to contribute our share to the rapidly growing industry through provision of visionary successful incumbents and professionals via specially designed interactive modules based Diploma. We proudly declare that our alumni are working in various well-known national and international organizations and contributing successfully to the halal industrial growth and expansion through this learning. We have alumni of more than 10,000 through the platform of AlHuda-CIBE & Halal Research Council from all over the world and the demand for such courses is rapidly increasing among the masses.

Halal Foods, Services, Finance etc are the important aspects of Islam and Muslims from all over the world learn about their spending, eating and consumptions habits without being involved with HARAM and prohibited ingredients and products. The modern scientific research by the non-Muslims has now proved that Halal products are much healthier and beneficial to human life.
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