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Modules & Courses
Module I
(Basics of Halal Concept)

PGD-HI: 401: Concept of Halal
  • Concept of Halal in Islam? Why Halal Food ?
  • The rationale for the prohibition of Haram foods in Islam?
    • Prohibition of Eating Dead Animals and wisdom behind it.
    • Prohibition of Flowing Blood
    • Animal Slaughtered on other than the name of Allah.
    • Prohibition of Pork, Intoxicants, Drugs, Meat and Poultry’s
    • Prohibition of  Milk, Eggs, Plants and vegetables
PGD-HI: 402: General Guidelines for Halal Food
  • General Guidelines & Principles:
    • Lawful Food
    • Food of Animal Origin
    • Food of Plant Origin
    • Rulings on Beverages, Land Animals and Aqua Food
    • Rulings on Amphibians and Birds
  • Concept of makrooh? and what is the difference between makrooh and haram? 
Module II
(Halal Food Production)

PGD-HI: 403: Role of Food Ingredient
  • What is Food? Role of food ingredients in Halal food production?
  • What is E Code? Detailed deprecation of all E Codes?  How we can judge through E codes that product is Halal or Haram?
  • Halal Production Requirement in Different Industries.
    • Meat, Sea Food, Dairy and Poultry Industry.
    • Confectionary, Bakery & Nutrition
    • Medicine, Cosmetic and Health Care.
PGD-HI: 404: Halal Slaughtering
  • Rules of Halal Slaughtering
  • Commercial Halal Slaughter –Science and Religion
    • Requirement of Slaughtering in the Islamic Manner
    • Conditions for Halal Slaughtering
    • Slaughtering Tool
    • Who Should Slaughter
  • Commercial Halal Slaughter –Science and Religion
  • Performa of Halal Slaughtering Application and Producers of getting Halal Certification?
  • Halal Concept in Non-Food Items
Module III
(Halal Market & Its Prospects)

PGD-HI: 405: Prospective of Halal Industry Worldwide
  • Market Size and major Market Development for Halal Industry
  • Global Halal Market
  • Major Market development
  • Increasing Global Competition
PGD-HI: 406: Halal Banking and Finance
  • Basic principles of Islamic Finance.
  • Difference between conventional financing and Islamic financing
  • Mechanism of Islamic Financial Products
  • Development in Islamic Finance
  • How does Islamic Finance facilitate Halal Industry?
Module IV
(Halal Standardization, Laws and Certification)

PGD-HI: 407: Halal Standardization
  • Overview and Principle of Halal Quality Management System
  • Halal Certification Producers and Standardization
  • Procedure of Compliance Audit and Audit Flow Chart
  • Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP), HACCP, ISO 22000
  • A Glimpse on Local and International Halal Standards
  • Halal Auditing Procedures, Halal Monitoring, Traceability & Verificatio
PGD-HI: 408: Prospective of Halal Industry in Developed Areas
  • Emerging Halal Sub-Services Sectors
    • Logistics
    • Travel
    • Tourism
    • Increasing Demand of Diversity Products
  • Challenges and Opportunities in Halal Industry
  • Importance of Halal Food in Modern Era
  • Halal Industry in Modern Era
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