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Halal Research Council is now offering its distance learning programs in an innovatively designed and highly structured way supported by the best technologies to date.

Once you are registered, you would be provided with your login ID and Password; through which you would join your online classroom. Procedure is very simple, you just have to come to the site of Halal Research Council and enter your username and password, once you are logged in to your account, you would be able to see our personal particulars and can get access to study modules, audio/video lectures. You can also submit your assignments from this portal. The website of Halal Research Council is updated on daily basis. All the facts, figures, information about admission, programs and knowledge centre are timely updated on website.

The integral part of this course is the tutorial support.

The students are provided with the e-mail address of advisory panel. So that, they can communicate and interact with them regarding their problems and queries and the advisors respond to the queries of students and give them timely solution of every problem.
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