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Introductory Material Set
This course consists of four modules and each module is of 2 months duration. Each Module builds up on knowledge from the previous one. You will be evaluated by subjective as well as multiple choice question on each lesson. Modules are sent by post which includes the introductory material set.
Your course Material consists of:
  • Literature & Presentations in PDF format
  • Video CD’s & PowerPoint Presentations
  • Solved and unsolved case studies.
  • Books in PDF format, List of references Book and related websites.
The introductory material set includes comprehensive PowerPoint Presentations, literature on the topic, useful web links, magazine & newspapers, articles and conference papers on Islamic banking and finance as well as recommended reading list. Students also utilize the Knowledge Centre section of AlHuda CIBE website ( The next module material is sent after the successful completion of the previous module. The course content of the first module will be sent by courier while the other course content will be sent by email.

Duration:                               8 Months
Number of Module’s:             4
Duration of one Module:       8 Weeks
Courses:                               8
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